"Marley Veith has now officially used up 4 lives. This last one was the scariest of all. Previously, he survived a shelter fire in Eastern Ky. I believe he was the only survivor. The second time was just after we adopted him back in Feb of this year. Can you say PARVOVIRUS? Quick killer. After that he got Kennel cough and promptly gave it to our Golden Lily and our cat Puff. And finally, Wednesday night he decided to go on an adventure by breaking through the invisible fence barrier. We searched for hours and finally had to go to bed. We didn't sleep well at all. Woke up early, made some coffee and started thinking about him on the back deck. I decided to take a walk in our backyard just to see if there was any evidence of where he might have gotten out. To my horror I saw a small brown spot in our yard at the bottom of the hill. Running to it I discovered Marley. He had been in the rainstorm all night and he looked dead. I scooped him up and screamed for my wife and we immediately headed Middletown Animal Clinic. Dr Stephanie Koehler and her great staff promptly went to work. Severe Hypothermia isn't something commonly treated in animals in this area. Marley is alive and it appears he is almost 100%. Without Dr Stephanie and her loyal staff I am sure Marley wouldn't be here today. We are so grateful to everyone at MAC and would recommend them highly. Marley is a very fortunate little guy. Lily is glad her best buddy pal is still around too. Yay MAC! Yay Dr Stephanie! Yay to all the folks at MAC that helped. Thank you all!!! Thanks Dr. Stephanie Koehler"

​​​​​​​- Bill Veith , October 30, 2015

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